International 'bring your own wine' dinner party.

Start: 31 marca 2016 19:30
40 zł

Warsaw Local is hosting a dinner party with a twist.

Hosted at Justyna's Secret Recipes (Marszałkowska 138, 00-004) at 19:30 on 31/03/2016 will be a complete taster course buffet of their menu. Including pieces from the breakfast menu, all the way up to the mains and desserts. The menu is to beconfirmed, so make sure you join the event to learn more.

This party is a 'bring your own wine' party. What this means is that everyone is expected to bring their own bottle of wine. All these bottles are then placed on a table to be decorked and then everyone is able to share the bottles with each other and taste wines from around the world. If 20 people attend, there will be 20 different wines to taste.

You can buy a plate for the buffet and wine glass for 40zl on the night.

If you're looking to meet new and intresting people, while trying some worldly foods and wines, then this is the event for you.

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