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what? when? where?

Mówią na Mieście has been building its brand for over 6 years, mainly throughout quality and is now known as the biggest and most likeable trend and information service in the capital. Thanks to its publishing independence, we are able to function in line with the recipients expectations and naturally reach them without forcing corporate objectives.

Since the beginning of MNM, we focus on close contact with the audience and the visual aspect. The main priority of our agenda is to reach a wide range of audience as possible. We envisage to achieve this by using the organization's main strength's which are content, design, and quality of service. People who actively spend their free time ask: What? Where? When? We answer these questions on a daily basis to them.

In a world full of choices we point out valuable events, places and activities. We talk about the latest happenings in the city at present. While ensuring others have the freedom to talk about it as well as allowing our readers and partners to co-create the content that interests them.


We are looking for a journalist interested in music, fashion and art to help us research and write about news in different sectors.  

Your responsibilities will include managing the media of the Brand, as well as our website, blog, newsletter, Tech events in our offices and our Podcast, with the help of our team.

We are looking for someone who is passionate and energetic with an interest and education in journalism, communication, design or something related.



  • Excellent English and Polish writing skills 
  • Storytelling and editorial skills: good at telling stories before anyone else does
  • Public speaking / extrovert: not afraid of talking in front of a crowd when necessary
  • Tech savvy: early adopter of new tech products, comfortable talking to tech people and discussing internet businesses
  • Schedule is flexible but should be based in Barcelona and able to travel for interviews, events and workshops.
  • We are not looking for an average employee but a self-organized partner to be part of the management team and grow along with our project.

What we offer:

  • A competitive salary
  • A flexible environment
  • Various benefits and perks: from gym membership and health insurance to workshops, training, and afterwork activities
  • A unique opportunity for professional growth by joining a startup at an early stage with an experienced team behind it


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